Memory Machine Cloud Edition

Cloud-to-Cloud Service

Multi-Cloud = Cloud Independence

Complete cloud independence is the ability to move applications from any cloud to any cloud for the best infrastructure and price.

The trend has already started. According to a survey by analyst firm ESG, a combined 93% of organizations are moving production workloads between public cloud all the time, regularly, or sometimes.

However, “65% agree that their organization faces challenges with application and data portability across locations”.

How often does your organization move production workloads between multiple public clouds?

Source: ESG

Big Stateful Big Stateful Apps are Difficult to Move

Most organizations and their apps are locked-in to a single cloud because they could not easily and quickly move their apps.

According to a survey by analyst firm ESG, a combined 68% of organizations are taking a week or longer to change a workload’s location.

Enter Memory Machine Cloud Edition Cloud-to-Cloud Service.

60% of organiztions take a week or longer to change a workload’s location

Source: ESG

Memory Machine™ Cloud Edition

Cloud-to-Cloud Service

The Cloud Bursting Service is 1 of 3 new cloud services included with Memory Machine Cloud Edition.

The Cloud-to-Cloud Service uses AppCapsules and cloud service automation to simplify and quickly move applications to the cloud.

How It Works

Memory Machine’s Cloud-to-Cloud Service is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service designed to give users the best experience using the cloud service at the lowest cost, while giving cloud IT pros control over how moving apps between clouds works in their app environment.

The service consists of 2 components, the Management Center and agents that run inside a cloud VM along with the user applications. The Cloud-to-Cloud Service works in conjunction with app job schedulers, cloud management services, spot instances, and cloud storage services.

The Cloud-to-Cloud Service is easily integrated. Users simply provide various information about the target cloud resources. After installation, the Cloud-to-Cloud Service is automated.