Big Memory Cloud Technology

Opening the Door to Cloud Agility for Thousands of Apps

As digital transformation accelerates, the cloud has emerged as the infrastructure of choice because it offers the agility and flexibility that organizations need.

Leading cloud service providers have fulfilled their promise for stateless applications, but stateful applications have been left behind, especially those with a lot of data in memory. Big stateful apps are not recommended for lower cost compute instances. On-ramping them to the cloud, or moving them to another cloud, is complicated and painfully slow.

Enter Big Memory Cloud technology. It lets organizations with stateful apps enjoy the agility and flexibility available in the cloud.


MemVerge CEO, Charles Fan

Introducing Big Memory Cloud

How It Works

Over the last four years, MemVerge has developed Big Memory Computing technology capable of encapsulating stateful apps including all its memory state into AppCapsules.

These AppCapsules can be used in cloud fault tolerance services to deliver instant recovery, and in cloud mobility services for cloud bursting and cloud-to-cloud migrations.

Memory Machine™ Cloud Edition

Powered by Big Memory Cloud Technology

Featuring breakthrough services for cloud fault tolerance and mobility. The fault tolerance service allows stateful, non-fault-tolerant, long-running apps to use low-cost Spot instances. The cloud bursting service allows apps to move quickly from on-prem to the cloud, and the cloud-to-cloud service lets app move gracefully from cloud to cloud.

Featured Big Memory Cloud Use Cases

Opening the Door to Spot Instances

Streamlining On-Prem to Cloud Bursting

Enabling Cloud-to-Cloud Mobility

“The promise of increased agility and faster operations has already fueled rampant adoption of public cloud services. With MemVerge’s Big Memory Computing and AppCapsule technology, that game-changing potential of the cloud becomes even more accessible to stateful applications.”

Scott Sinclair

Practice Director | ESG

"The world is going multi-cloud. Big Memory Cloud is an important enabling technology for stateful apps to not only survive but thrive in this multi-cloud world.”
Eric Burgener

Research Vice President, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies | IDC

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